Preview: Communist Daughter – Elbo Room Oct. 2

Coming next week to my lovely, quirky, little city is a band that has been compared to Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver. A band that has big magazine publications frothing at the mouth to say they just new they were going to be the next big thing. The band I speak of is Communist Daughter, from Minneapolis. That’s in Minnesota for those that are geographically inept. Minnesota the place that built legends like Prince, Bob Dylan, Bob Mould, Paul Westerberg and Morris Day. Obviously Morris Day is the most relevant of all those musicians, but I digress. Communist Daughter is (are?) an up and coming band and like last year when Imagine Dragons came out to the Independent and everybody (me) lost their shit after seeing them, this is your chance to see a band early right before they make it big.

They’re out supporting their Lions and Lambs EP that was released in July of this year. So come support music in this musically diverse city and get to know a venue that I have never been to. I shoud’ve gone to the Elbo Room a ton of times to see a ton of bands, but I think you’re either a Haight guy or a Mission guy. I’m not a Mission guy so I don’t get out to that neck of the woods as often as I should. I think I’m gonna have to open my thinking to see this band. P.S. Tickets are only seven dollars at the door. Yeah they’re that good.

Here are a couple songs to exemplify the musical relevancy of this band (You’re Welcome):


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