Friday Covers: The Avett Brothers

Something I love is cover songs. To see what kind of song inspires a band to sing another artist’s music intrigues me. To that end I’m going to be running a feature every Friday where I take an artist and throw up some cover songs they’ve done on You Tube to showcase their talent. I might say some words about why I like this particular cover or original, I might not. I guess it depends on what my mood is or how I feel about those covers.

This week I chose the Avett Brothers. With the release of their brilliant album The Carpenter (which I recently reviewed) and their sheer down-to-Earth qualities I found a few songs that I thought exemplified what kind of artists I think they really feel make them who they are today.

The first concert I ever went to was with my parents. We went to the L.A. Sports Arena and saw Billy Joel during his Innocent Man Tour. I was little so I don’t remember that much, except that it was amazing and Billy Joel gets a musical pass from me for anything untoward he’s done in the past ten years. That pass is in perpetuity by the way.

This is one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs, off one of my favorite Bob Dylan albums, Nashville Skyline. Watching Scott Avett cover this song is not only awesome, but totally cute as his little daughter sits there watching him. It’s such a great wounded heart song.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Jim Croce. I’ve always just loved his music, I think it lasts and it seems to have a softness about it that appeals to my gentler side. This happens to be one of my favorite Croce songs and Seth Avett and Bob Crawford do a great job with it.


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