New Remix and Video: Ultraista

If someone told you they had conceived of a band that combined a love of afrobeat, art and electronica with a splash of tequila inspiration you’d say what…drugs? Or maybe you’d say that must be Nigel Goodrich. Goodrich has produced albums for Radiohead, Beck, R.E.M., Pavement, Paul McCartney and Travis among others. His newest project Ultraista, with journeyman drummer Joey Waronker and artist Laura Bettinson, is making news with their new video and recently released remix. Goodrich is an innovator and a trendsetter and if you don’t believe me just ask Thom Yorke who decided to start a side project with him in 2009 called Atoms For Peace.

If you want to see this amazing new project Ultraista your opportunity is nigh, should you live in or near one of three major metropolitan cities.

Coming October 19th to the Echoplex in Los Angeles

Coming October 22nd to the Independent in San Francisco

Coming Oct 24 to Le Poisson Rouge in NYC

Tickets available here.

You can also preorder their album which comes with the Four Tet remix below, a Matthew Dear remix of “Smalltalk” and a David Lynch remix as well, out October 1st.

Here’s the sick new Four Tet remix of “SmallTalk” by Ultraista:

And for the new “Bad Insect” video I will quote Coluch from You Tube who said, “Whoa, do not watch this while high. Alternatively, you absolutely must watch this while high.”


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