Album Review: Imagine Dragons – Night Visions

Sometimes seeing a band is a surreal experience. You’re there watching this band perform music that to you is so engaging and sometimes life altering. That power, the band holds over you in that moment, is greater than anything a hypnotist could ever do. Thus is the odd power of music. As it has often been stated it can soothe the savage beast and that is not far from the truth. Music has long been a source of love in my life. I adore it, but live music is better than anything. Watching a band create is a spectacular way to spend an evening.

One of the best shows I have attended this year was on May 10 at the Independent. Imagine Dragons were playing and I’d won tickets to see them from Amoeba Records. As I wrote at the time:

Up until a week ago I hadn’t even heard of the band and to my eternal shame, they hadn’t even registered a blip on my musical radar. This is a band that has been performing for four years and released four EPs over that time. It was completely fortuitous that I discovered them.

Fortuitous indeed as they lit up the Independent with such ferocity that I was hopeful that they’d be the next best thing to come around. After listening to their debut album, Night Visions, I am now fairly certain they will be, but not in the same way. When I saw them live I thought they would be the next Arcade Fire or as I posited to bassist Ben McKee when I interviewed him, Imagine Dragons sounded remarkably similar to Tears for Fears. Now, I still think they could be Arcade Fire, but I get the feeling they’re going to be even bigger.

There is something missing from the album that just can’t be translated from the live show, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad album. Quite the contrary it’s a phenomenal album. Imagine Dragons have a way of crafting perfect pop alternative songs. No, what I envision for this band in the future is something along the lines of Coldplay, but bigger. This is a band that will fill up arenas and their sound is really conducive to that. Night Visions is a great pop album and will stand as one of the better debut albums of this generation of rockers. Do yourself a favor, though, get out to their live show while you still can get a ticket and they’re still playing smaller venues. You’ll thank me later.

Night Visions is out now from KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records find it here.

Imagine Dragons are on tour right now. They will be playing The Great American Music Hall October 8th.


2 thoughts on “Album Review: Imagine Dragons – Night Visions

  1. Agree with you 200% on this band. I had them all over my Best of 2011 list after buying “It’s Time” album last year on a whim.

    Adore your introductory paragraph, too. Perfect explanation.

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