Album Review: Turbo Fruits – Butter

The last time that I can remember such a quality of really good bands with monikers that led to blushing and minor embarrassment was the 1980’s when conversations like this would happen:

“Who’re you listening to on your Walkman?”



“Rad boom box, man. Who’s that?”

“The Buggles.”

It is difficult to like a band that has a name that makes you sound like you’re making it up, but oftentimes that’s what sets a band apart. Sometimes bands merely rely on their music. Others try to be like the Aquabats and have a kitschy model. Then there are those that are both musically sound and have funny names. That’s where Turbo Fruits come in. They remind me of an ‘80’s rock band. Not necessarily in sound, but in temperament and style. In the days of Motley Crue and Guns N’ Roses the songs were about girls, guns and booze. Jonas Stein and his merry band of cohorts from Nashville have put together a throwback album.

It’s a fun album with crunching rhythms and thundering drums that make the ears do a little dance while the brain conjures up images of whiskey bottles and girls on poles. This is the type of band that will leave it all out on the stage and not give two thoughts to a smashed guitar or amp. Perhaps a more apropos reference is the Who or Iggy Pop. They’re raw, unrestrained and dynamic. Their album Butter is the complete antithesis of the cliché of “smooth like butter”. There are no anthemic jams, just punk-style four minute thrashes.

Albums like this end up starting movements, like the Seeds did in the ‘60’s before Punk Rock exploded in the mid ‘70’s. There are many bands today purporting to have that garage band sound, but Turbo Fruits are the band to watch. So much of the drivel poured down our gullets today is not to make musical sense, but appeal to the lowest common denominator of society so as to make a quick buck. Turbo Fruits cast all aspersions aside and simply make a solid album. They are the band that will start the next movement.

Butter comes out September 11 from Serpents and Snakes Records.

Turbo Fruits are on tour now.

Download a song from Butter here.

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