Beers of the World #4 – Moosehead Lager – Canada


I’ve never been a fan of Lagers. I find most of them to be a bit…skunky for lack of a better word. I don’t like Heineken, because of that reason and I didn’t like Moosehead either. It was bitter and skunky and simply not great. I enjoy ales, porters, stouts, trapiste ales, but lagers I’m not into. That isn’t Moosehead’s fault and I’m sure that they have a loyal following, but don’t count me as one of them. I enjoyed a four cheese pizza with bruschetta tomatoes and arugula on top. Basically,  a margherita pizza. If a beer can’t go well with pizza then it really has no place in my home.


They didn’t seem to pair well and perhaps it’s my fault, but again I’ve had beers like Chimay with pizza and it was delightful. Pizza is a universal pairing with beer and it’s rare that a beer doesn’t go with it. What I will give them credit for is a great website. Beer companies in general seem to take the time & effort necessary to craft great, engaging sites that bring fans of their beer into the fold. Moosehead, while not my favorite by a long shot, has a fascinating and storied history and is work a look if you’re interested in history of beers at all.

Here’s a little taste:

Moosehead has a long and storied history. Since 1867 we’ve survived two fires, expanded our line of beers, began distributing worldwide, and even discovered a little known part of the human psyche called the Outer-self. But, believe it or not, we had very humble beginnings.

I’m willing to take the blame on this one as my predilection towards lager distaste clouds my judgement. Not sure when I’ll be tasting my next beer, but I’m certain I will enjoy it more than Moosehead.


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