Beers of the World #2 – Hillas – Greece

Continuing the Beers of the World series that I started yesterday we come to Hillas. I have never partaken of a Greek beer, even though I tended bar at a Greek restaurant at the Grove in L.A. for about a year. I was summarily dismissed because the Vietnamese wife of the Greek owner thought I was  “too flashy”. I have never been anything near flashy, in fact I detest flashy. I am the antithesis of flashy, but I’m not bitter. So Hillas, “like killas” as my girlfriend so astutely put it, was a fantastic choice to go with creamy polenta and falafel. It was malty and smooth without a bitter aftertaste. It had a creamy texture and sweetness that I thought did it well. From the Hillas Beer website, here is some history:

Beer, called “zythus” by the Greeks, was the first alcoholic beverage known to civilization over 6,000 years ago. It was a drink of the rich and wealthy as well as ordinary folks. The drink was even used as an offering to the gods and placed in tombs in the Egyptian civilization where beer had its birth. Throughout history beer has been associated with family life, friendship, romance and celebration. Although the taste of beer has changed over the last few thousand years, the enjoyment has remained constant.

Open a bottle of Hillas Lager Beer and share the kinship with past Gods, kings, queens and other ordinary people. Brewed in Rodopi, Greece where, according to tradition, the first Greek beer was produced in Ancient Times. This light pale beer is dry and well balanced, and makes for a smooth drinking with a malty finish. Hillas Beer, imported by Fotis & Son Imports has captured the tradition of brewing a truly great beer. Fotis & Son Imports proudly boast a philosophy of “quality without compromise.”

Unlike Mexicali, Hillas isn’t the kind of beer to drink ad nauseum. It’s akin to a Belgium beer in which the richness of the flavor makes it delicious with a meal or at a business luncheon, but certainly not a shotgunning beer. I highly recommend this beer to any beer connoisseur or gentleman beer drinker. I am the former, but certainly not the latter. Regardless, opa to Greek beer!


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