Beers of the World #1 – Mexicali Beer

So Christmas has come and gone and what a glorious day it was. I received gifts I will cherish for a lifetime and one of those gifts happens to be Beers of the World. It’s a ten pack that World Market sells (you’ll forgive me if I don’t know the price, being improper to look such things up for gifts) and my family thought I would enjoy it. My family knows me very well. I figured since they went to the trouble of buying it, I should review each beer that I drink here. I’ll be turning this site into something less about music and more about my other interests such as: Movies, books, beer, restaurant reviews and booze. Rarely will I speak of music, sports or politics here any longer.

Back to Mexicali. I rate Mexican beers on a pretty fair scale. Sol being at the bottom and Negro Modelo Especial being at the top. Corona is nearest the bottom while Pacifico, Dos Equis and Bohemia fall somewhere in between.  I have never heard of Mexicali but here is a little history directly from their website:

In the beginning of the second decade, Mr. Miguel Gonzalez and Mr. Heracio Ochoa united as partners to form the first industrial brewery in Baja California. On September 15, 1923, the Mexicali Brewery opened its doors and quickly became one of the biggest and solid industrial facilities in the Northwest region of the Republic. As time went on, Mr. Ochoa departed from the brewery and Mr. Gonzalez become sole owner of the corporation, until his death, thirty years later.

The key to success for any brewery is the brewmaster. Mr. Miguel Gonzalez had the good fortune to have met Mr. Adolfo Bindher, a German brewery chemist and brewmaster that would produce a consistent, quality beer to whom fame would extend for decades. When Mr. Bindher died, his son took the responsibility of brewmaster to insure the same high standards of brewing were kept, as well as the secret of an inherited formula. After fifty years of satisfying the thirst and demand of the local population and tourists from all over the world, the brewery closed its doors. Today, the same formula and packaging is brought back to the industry for the pleasure and enjoyment of beer enthusiasts throughout the world. And Remember, these Brews are “Complete Beers – No Lime Required”!

I used a lime in my beer as I do in most Mexican beers. I found it to be refreshing, but not spectacular. I drank it while I ate steamed clams in a Tequila, garlic, butter sauce which I felt complimented it quite well. I’d rate it slightly below average, better than Corona, but not as good as a Pacifico. It’s the kind of beer you could enjoy while watching the ballgame or just hanging with friends, but I wouldn’t recommend it for gourmet consumption as the website suggests. Also, despite what they claim, it was just fine with a lime and if you’re as big a fan of citrus as I am then I recommend you try it with one.


3 thoughts on “Beers of the World #1 – Mexicali Beer

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